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plasma by poisoninjest

{bloody fanfiction anyone?}

Have a few suggestions for anyone looking for True Blood fiction. Most of what I have found is drivel, as with most universes. But there have been a few things that were readable, meaning that Eric and Sookie weren’t 1) Human 2) taking on characteristics that while they probably exist in their personalities, don’t exist in abundance in canon (I’m mainly talking about Eric here) like, you know, mushiness, hearts and flowers and alot of pink.

Eric by DeeDeeINJF http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4884694/1/

Ever wonder what Eric was thinking when he met Sookie? Or what he thought when he had amnesia? Or how about when Sookie told him about what happened between them when he had the amnesia? This is a pretty good attempt to fill in the blanks from Eric’s POV. I liked it and thought it mostly stayed in character.

This next author has a wonderful bleakness to her writing. It felt gauzy and grey and is a good fit for Eric’s voice. It made me ache in places and even if the characterizations weren’t always dead on, the writing made up for it for me. I would love to see her tackle a HP fic featuring Severus. I think she could be a awesome fit for his voice as well.

DC Writer16

An Unnamed Series

In this series the unthinkable happens, or perhaps it is the inevitable conclusion.
In the Evening
The Deep
Dark Summer
The Dead
Gone Missing
The Long Way Around
The Fall

There are other stories by this author on Fanfiction.net
eric stealing by meganlovesjar

{human? Really?}

If you know me it would not be surprising to find out I have been scouring the internet searching for Eric/Sookie fanfiction. In my many travels in cyberspace I have noticed a disturbing trend…fanfiction where Eric and Sookie are both plain human. ::shakes head:: I am not sure what the point is.

I mean one of the things that makes Eric the way he is, is the fact that for 1000 years he has been a vampire. Doing pretty much what he wants, when he wants. Working the system to his advantage and generally getting ahead by being an adorable asshole. Sookie is who she is because she has had to retreat from the world and lived primarily in her Grandmothers world. So southern hospitality is deeply ingrained in her, more so than I think it would have been if she had been born a typical human.

I am not sure what is to be gained by writing about them without one of their defining characteristics.

Am I being a pretentious canon wonk?

Is Batman a transvestite? Who knows! ~ Robert Preston, S.O.B.

{ now i remember why i had a blog}

Time. Simple. I find myself looking at my friends page and being surprised by the amount of fanfiction still being created in the Buffyverse. I don't know why. It is still as relevant as ever and let's face it, the cool factor will never leave Buffy.

I am now searching out fic recs for Doctor Who that is Ten-centric, True Blood or the Southern Vampire novels, and of course Harry Potterverse. If anyone has any suggestions, please send them along. Slash and het. A good story is a good story as far as I am concerned.

But back to the subject at hand.

I had more time with my blog because I had no friends page. My friend list is full of interesting people and communities, and because of that I find myself existing in computer time. It is an alternate time stream you see. I only seem to be reading for minutes and look at the clock and it has been hours. Watching a woman my age blearily blinking at the clock in the corner of her screen to see it read 3:00 a.m. is just pathetic. Really, pathetic.

My life would be easier if my friends list was less interesting, but my world wouldn't be nearly so much fun.