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{how old are you again?}

Confession time. Along with everything else, I have found myself addicted to iCarly.

Dear god help me, but I think I have a thing for Spencer.

If you have never watched, it is on Nickelodeon usually every night at some point. It is about this girl, Carly, who has a live web show every week along with her friend Sam, a girl who REALLY appreciates food and has massive anger issues, and her technical producer Freddy, who has a crush on her.

It is geared toward teens, but it is so well done that I just love it. Check it out. It has a really snappy theme song too!

I can't decide who the OTP is yet, but I am leaning toward Spencer/Sam (Spam) but there is also Carly/Freddie (Creddie) or Freddie/Sam (Seddie).

Because you know it is all about the fanfiction.