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{i have been won over... big time}

Matt Smith.

Matt Smith has not only won me over as Doctor Who, but I also have developed a crush on him.  I never found him particularly attractive in all the promos and hoopla before the first episode came out.  But yeah, I so have a crush. 

As Doctor Who he has a manic way about him.  He still carries the anger that 10 had before he regenerated.  He has that wonderful arrogance that a Doctor should have, and he has a casual way of using it.  I was worried that because he is so young he would have trouble conveying the weight of the years he has lived, but I don't think he has a problem at all.  He has a gentleness  with Amy that I find touching.  

So, yeah, totally won over
Timelord (so_severus)


BBC you have deserted me. What are you thinking? No Doctor Who all day long? No Torchwood all day long? What's up with that? I am desperately trying to see every episode of both series (coming to the party late as it were, not something unusual for me, but the converted are always the most zealous!) and you cut me off?

Now I only get one episode on Saturday night on public television, and that is if they don't have something taking it's place. And only one Torchwood on Saturday evening.

Gad. I am bereft. Truly.

{ now i remember why i had a blog}

Time. Simple. I find myself looking at my friends page and being surprised by the amount of fanfiction still being created in the Buffyverse. I don't know why. It is still as relevant as ever and let's face it, the cool factor will never leave Buffy.

I am now searching out fic recs for Doctor Who that is Ten-centric, True Blood or the Southern Vampire novels, and of course Harry Potterverse. If anyone has any suggestions, please send them along. Slash and het. A good story is a good story as far as I am concerned.

But back to the subject at hand.

I had more time with my blog because I had no friends page. My friend list is full of interesting people and communities, and because of that I find myself existing in computer time. It is an alternate time stream you see. I only seem to be reading for minutes and look at the clock and it has been hours. Watching a woman my age blearily blinking at the clock in the corner of her screen to see it read 3:00 a.m. is just pathetic. Really, pathetic.

My life would be easier if my friends list was less interesting, but my world wouldn't be nearly so much fun.