Eclecticizm (kristispyder) wrote,

{i have been won over... big time}

Matt Smith.

Matt Smith has not only won me over as Doctor Who, but I also have developed a crush on him.  I never found him particularly attractive in all the promos and hoopla before the first episode came out.  But yeah, I so have a crush. 

As Doctor Who he has a manic way about him.  He still carries the anger that 10 had before he regenerated.  He has that wonderful arrogance that a Doctor should have, and he has a casual way of using it.  I was worried that because he is so young he would have trouble conveying the weight of the years he has lived, but I don't think he has a problem at all.  He has a gentleness  with Amy that I find touching.  

So, yeah, totally won over
Tags: doctor who, matt smith, obsessions

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