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{Albus is gay} repost 10/27/2007
I read a somewhat dubious literature called fanfiction. It is made all the more subcultureish by the fact that most often I will be reading what is called slash fiction. This means that most of the romantic relationships in said fiction is homosexual in nature. I like to read about boys falling in love and boinking each other.

Having said that, I can say that hearing from the great lady herself that dear old Albus is gay gave me a strange sort of satisfaction. I suppose it is because I have seen so many stories where he is gay already, it was just an affirmation of what I, on some level, already knew. Maybe it is because I have come to believe that almost anyone and anything is slashable. This just proves it. Sort of.

There has been considerably less bruhaha about this than I would have thought. Which either shows that society is finally getting used to the fact that there are gay people everywhere, or that people are sick of hearing about Harry Potter. I think probably the latter.

They just don’t understand the depths of the obsession that has gripped we Potterites. For the better part of the last decade has been spent mostly in some level of anticipation. Waiting for the next book, the next movie. All we have left is movies.

We are on the cusp of becoming victims of post potter depression.

One thing I do know is that Harry Potter will never go away. There are too many devotees out here in the real world that have secret lives that include the boy with the scar. We are raveous for anything new. Anything.